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Anxious parents and young children

by Caryn Hess, LPC on

If we have a predisposition to anxiety, we need to be aware of how our nervous state affects our children. Therapy for anxiety can help you and your child.... Read full article

Hypnosis for weight loss – gimmick or God-send?

by Paula Leslie, LCSW, BCD on

If dieting and exercise haven't helped you lose weight before, you might be curious about hypnotherapy. Is hypnosis for weight loss the solution? Read more.... Read full article

5 tips to navigating political discussions during the holidays

by Dr. Gerald Brown on

Many people feel that it's best to avoid politics during family gatherings. Here are six tips to navigating political discussions during the holidays. ... Read full article

Anatomy of an Emotion


By working toward healing and transformation of our deep-seated emotions, we can start to navigate more consciously and intentionally with our own emotions. ... Read full article

What is Mindfulness?

by Dr. David Younger on

Mindfulness is to be present. Your attention is a precious resource, needed for learning, for your best performance at work, and for engaging in relationships. ... Read full article

Understanding the Body-Mind Connection and Mental Health


A growing body of evidence indicates diet and exercise are linked to common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. There are ways to increase serotonin levels in the brain naturally through specific foods and routine physical activity.... Read full article

Can a little pain make your life happier?


Should our lives really be pain-free? Does unpleasantness really compromise our overall satisfaction with life? It turns out the pleasure alone cannot make us happy, but pain can.... Read full article

How to increase psychological flexibility

by Francisca Oredeko on

Changing the way you think using these techniques to increase psychological flexibility can have a significant impact on anxiety, depression, work performance, & overall quality of life. You can learn to stop unhelpful thoughts from holding you back.... Read full article

How Flexible Are You?

by Dr. Terry Crump on

Do you get stuck in the same patterns, or are you flexible enough to cope with the ebb and flow of your life? Increasing your psychological flexibility holds the key to feeling less vulnerable to our changing emotions and circumstances.... Read full article

Living with a chronic illness


Do you live with chronic illness or chronic pain? The invisible symptoms of chronic illness can be debilitating and demoralizing. The support of a therapist has the potential to help you cope and thrive.... Read full article