Articles in Trauma and PTSD

What underlies your addiction? Consider trauma/PTSD

by J.D. Murphy, LMFT on

PTSD and trauma are well-known risk factors for both alcohol and drug use. Many people with PTSD use substances to self-medicate their symptoms.... Read full article

The Healing Power of Connection


This article explores the healing power of connection and therapy. Learning emotion and stress regulation can only be done through connection with another person, sometimes a therapist. ... Read full article

Learn to cope with grief


Are you struggling with the loss of a loved one? Is it hard to cope with grief? In therapy, you will be supported in coming to terms with the relationship you had, finding the experience you need to recover, & reducing the pain of your loss.... Read full article

How trauma affects your body


Emotional and psychological trauma can be caused by a one-time event that is emotionally painful, distressful or shocking ... Read full article