Therapists relying heavily on Teletherapy to reach clients in isolation

The pandemic has robbed many of us of our sense of safety, and not just for our physical health. Financial uncertainty and worries over the health of our loved ones are compounded with the unavoidable situation of enuring an unknown amount of time in lockdown or total isolation. People are starting to feel trapped, and at the same time, facing the kinds of challenges they never thought they would see in their lifetime.

The situation has caused spikes in anxiety, depression, and substance or alcohol abuse.


Reaching each other through technology

Across the United States and Canada, Psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors are conducting sessions through various secure platforms that allow for online therapy. While the practice of delivering therapy virtually began in the early 2000s, it has recently become more popular and with the current pandemic, a dire necessity for vulnerable people who have no other means to access care.

Since then, studies have been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of online therapy. Due to ethical reasons and practice standards, researchers needed to determine the method was effective. The results were very encouraging as studies showed teletherapy and online virtual sessions to be effective for a wide range of issues such as anxiety, panic disorder, depression, and alcohol and substance use disorders.

The method was particularly successful in treating addiction with one study finding that the online addiction program outperformed the traditional one on one sessions. The study found participants enrolled in the online program were less likely to drop out and at the end of the program, the online group had the highest success rate.


Help for fear and loneliness

Many people are isolated, afraid, and lonely. Friends and family cannot visit. They can't even go out to a cafe or religious organization to be around people. If they get sick, no one can come and take care of them. This is a scary situation for our most vulnerable members of society. In addition to the older population, those struggling with mental health issues such as depression or anxiety are also going through a particularly tough time as connecting with people is an effective means of support. 

Psychologists are reporting many of their clients are feeling lonely. Being away from family over time is taking its toll.


Online treatment for mental health issues

Connecting with your therapist online can provide enormous comfort. Not only will the therapist provide the support you need, but they can also help you develop the tools and techniques you need to cope effectively. Connecting with a supportive, insightful, and helpful therapist can make all the difference in your level of distress. It is important to remember that anxiety, depression, and addiction are all treatable. Working with an online therapist during this time can offer you a unique opportunity to grow and develop the unique strength you already have inside yourself.


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