The benefits of couples counseling online

Do you feel like he doesn’t understand you? Do you feel that she doesn’t give you space? Do you find yourself fighting a lot, or barely speaking to each other? It’s time to talk about couples counseling.

Why couples counseling?

Couples counseling is not only for extremely tense relationships with highly dysfunctional problems. If you are encountering simple issues within your relationship that you wish to change, or if you simply want to lay the groundwork for a healthy, long-lasting relationship, counseling can be enormously beneficial.

Couples counseling can help you and your partner learn to communicate better, understand each other, and build a stronger connection. In therapy, your therapist will help you navigate everyday problems such as feeling misunderstood or unheard by each other, and it’s a good idea to seek help before resentment builds up between you. When a large event or issue rocks your relationship, couples counseling is a safe place to rebuild the love and stability you need.

What is online/video counseling? 

You may not always be available or feel comfortable traveling to a counselor. With online couples’ counseling, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, hotel room, or other remote location, while still having access to a licensed and well-trained counselor or therapist in your state. 

Online couples counseling may be for you if you:

  • Travel a lot
  • Have a very busy schedule and need flexibility
  • Feel more comfortable in the privacy of your home
  • Only have time for an appointment outside of regular business hours
  • Live too far from your desired counselor
  • Have a long-distance relationship with your partner, thereby making it easier for both of you to be present
  • Are unable to travel for any other reason.

If you’ve tried counseling before, give this a chance

You may want to consider online counseling if you and your partner have tried counseling in an office before, but after leaving, felt that you couldn’t follow through with the changes that were discussed and worked on in the counselor’s office. This can happen because the office can feel like an artificial space and it is hard to apply what you learned when you’re face-to-face again with the issues in the “real world”. Staying in the environment where the problems actually occur can help the counseling come home to you. 

Online counseling provides the intimate setting of a counselor’s office. You’re focused on each other and the counselor; you won’t be distracted by new settings, and body language is still discernible over video.

What can I expect from online couples counseling?

The counselor you choose may have one method they prefer to use during counseling, but you can expect any couples counselor to work directly to improve the communication, support, and understanding between you and your partner. 

This involves a few things:

  • Learning how to communicate in a healthy, effective manner
  • Getting to the bottom of fights and stopping repeat fights
  • Developing skills to move past old problems
  • Regaining trust and feeling safe with each other

Tackle tough problems and enrich your relationship

You deserve a deeper, stronger relationship, and couples counseling is your tool to making it happen. Develop the skills to relate to each other more strongly in couples counseling and build compassion and empathy for each other. Invest in your relationship with couples counseling.

About the author:
Dr. Dahlia Mann is a clinical psychologist and marriage and family therapist in New Jersey and Maine. Contact her to learn more about how she can help you build a stronger, healthier relationship.

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