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The benefits of couples counseling online

by Dr. Dahlia Mann on

Do you feel like he doesn’t understand you? Do you feel that she doesn’t give you space? Do you find yourself fighting a lot, or barely speaking to each other? It’s time to talk about couples counseling.... Read full article

The Inner Working Model: A Story of Two Babies


This article explores how a child's inner working model (view of self and world) is impacted by the quality of care during infancy and childhood. ... Read full article

The Healing Power of Connection


This article explores the healing power of connection and therapy. Learning emotion and stress regulation can only be done through connection with another person, sometimes a therapist. ... Read full article

7 tips to rekindle the love in your relationship


Several crucial behaviors have been shown to help couples strengthen and protect the love in their relationship. Explore these 7 tips that can help you and your partner achieve lasting closeness, mutual affection, and intimacy.... Read full article

Autism and Gluten: What does the science say?


Some parents have claimed improvements in autistic children's behavior after removing gluten from their diet. Researchers have found a link between gastrointestinal problems and autism. This article explores the science behind gluten and autism... Read full article

Online therapy


Online therapy refers to psychological services provided over the Internet. Clients can talk with a therapist from the privacy and comfort of their own home, office, or other remote location.... Read full article