Articles in Marriage and Relationships

Codependency and Enabling Behavior


In terms of addiction, codependency occurs when one person, such as the addict's spouse or other family member, has learned or believes that the love they receive from the addict is contingent on allowing the addict to behave in a certain way. ... Read full article

The benefits of couples counseling online

by Dr. Dahlia Mann on

Do you feel like he doesn’t understand you? Do you feel that she doesn’t give you space? Do you find yourself fighting a lot, or barely speaking to each other? It’s time to talk about couples counseling.... Read full article

Coping with Mother's Day and Infertility


A special day set aside for celebrating motherhood can be challenging for those struggling with infertility. It can be particularly difficult to be faced with reminders of a deep and personal issue that can be hard on any given day. ... Read full article

Creating peace in your family

by Dr David Lefkowitz on

Peace at home means offering support and stability to each member of the family in order to stop a distressing situation & facilitate love, respect, and cooperation between family members. Professional help can be instrumental in creating this change... Read full article

We're just dating, is it too soon for couples therapy?

by Jennifer Lauren Arceneaux on

When we think of couples counseling we don’t usually think of young, unmarried couples who are dating. But with increased awareness and rejection of the stigma around mental health, couples therapy for those who are dating is on the rise ... Read full article

7 tips to rekindle the love in your relationship


Several crucial behaviors have been shown to help couples strengthen and protect the love in their relationship. Explore these 7 tips that can help you and your partner achieve lasting closeness, mutual affection, and intimacy.... Read full article

How to introduce your new partner to your child


Introducing your partner to your children is not a decision to take lightly. However, if you feel the time is right, it can be a meaningful opportunity to share the most important person in your life with someone who you care deeply about.... Read full article

What should you wear on a first date?


Did you know that certain colors make you more attractive to the opposite sex? Researches have conducted studies to determine which colors make you the most appealing.... Read full article

Coping with isolation and infertility

by Pamela Kelberg on

Couples undergoing infertility often turn inward and stop confiding in family and friends because of the pain involved. If you are struggling with isolation and infertility, it’s important to reach out for help.... Read full article

5 signs you and your partner are heading towards a breakup


While it's easy to see when your friend's romance is passing its expiration date, it is often difficult to assess your own relationship. Learn the signs to find out if the time has come to break up.... Read full article