Learn to cope with grief


Has nothing been the same since the loss of your loved one? Has a friend recommended that you get help?

The loss of a loved one can affect you in many ways. Often people who are grieving report an inability to sleep, trouble concentrating, irritability, and a feeling of being lost.

Are you finding it hard to cope with grief?

Do you feel apathetic? Were you happier in the past?

Do you want to feel fulfillment in everyday tasks?

Difficulty concentrating or sleeping, apathy, and other symptoms can hit you right after a tragedy, but they can also hit you much later. Your body and your mind may need help to process what happened to you.

Grief is a necessary and healthy process. Also, we’ve learned that each of us grieves differently. There is no one way to do it. Let no one tell you that you’re not doing it “correctly.” – National Alliance on Mental Illness

If you feel like you are struggling with everyday tasks and just want to get back to normal, counseling can help.

Your grief counselor will accompany you through your grief

Your therapist will become your partner in recovering from your loss. Following your lead, your therapist will work with you to process and move forward after your loss.

Processing your loss may involve coming to terms with the relationship you had with your deceased loved one. Bringing up old feelings can be difficult but resolving your feelings is an important part of processing your loss and allowing yourself the experience you need to recover.

"I just want to be happy" – Grief counseling can help

In counseling, you will work toward the goal of processing and accepting your new life situation after your loss. Together, we will help you return to focusing on what you need and want from your life. With our help, you can learn to enjoy life, be present in the moment, and reduce the pain associated with your loss.

Contact a therapist to set up your first visit and take the first step in recovering from your loss. Take back control of your life. We're here to help.

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