Is your teenager out of control?

Has your teenager started hanging out with the wrong crowd? Is your teen experimenting with drugs or dangerous behaviors? If you are worried that your teenager is out of control or just going down the wrong path, it may be time to seek help.

Today, teenagers experience considerable pressure from their peers, school, family, or traumatic events. Stress can affect an adolescent's well-being and exacerbate deeper issues such as self-esteem and drug abuse. A struggling teenager may express their feelings by acting defiant, arguing with parents, or participating in risky behaviors.

As a loving parent, you may worry about your child if he seems to be heading in the opposite direction of parents and school. If your teenager is out of control, counseling can help.

How can I help my teenager make healthy choices?

By dealing with issues before they spiral out of control, you can prevent substance abuse or other future crises.

Teenagers crave structure. They need to know there is a safety net they can rely on, when they feel so much internal turmoil and lack of control. Create structure in your teenager's life, with the help of a therapist. Be consistent with your rules and discipline.

More often than not, your teen's rebellion is really a cry for help. Focus on identifying the underlying cause of distress for your teenager. When things get difficult, stand by your teen and demonstrate love. Allow time to heal the situation.

Counseling can help your adolescent rebuild relationships with your family, recover from substance abuse, and improve their self-esteem. If you feel exhausted, hopeless, or threatened by your child's behavior, counseling can help. You can receive support and regain a functional family dynamic.

Get help

If your teenager is argumentative, absent, rebellious, or out of control, reach out today. Get help to bring back the teen you used to know.

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