Hypnosis for weight loss – gimmick or God-send?

If you're trying to lose weight right now, chances are that you have tried to lose weight in the past.

...at least one-third to two-thirds of people on diets regain more weight than they lost within four or five years. – Journal of the American Psychological Association

Weight loss achieved through suffering often does not stick. But for the individual who has tried it all and has not found lasting success, what options remain?

Hypnosis for weight loss – what do the studies say?

If you've gone down the path of boot camps, diets, significant lifestyle changes, and even cognitive behavioral therapy, then you know that many strategies don't hold. Even respected dietary advice is often not enough for the most determined of health-seekers. The Mayo Clinic reports studies that evaluated the success of hypnosis for weight loss resulted in minor success, with losses of six to eight pounds over an 18 month period. However, hypnotherapy has been lauded for being a successful addition to a weight-loss plan that incorporated diet, exercise, and counseling. Those who participated in hypnosis for weight loss were reported to have lower rates of inflammation, better satiety, and better quality of life. *

Is hypnosis for weight loss safe?

As a licensed psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in Palo Alto. I have been successfully helping clients who felt their weight loss was completely stalled. Participation in hypnotherapy will leave you more open to suggestion, allowing you to become aware of beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back from your weight loss goals. At no time during hypnosis can you lose control of your sense of self or your behavior.

Hypnosis – the new frontier?

Hypnosis is provided by licensed therapists and is often used as part of a cohesive treatment plan for pain control, weight loss, anxiety, and other challenges. When searching for a way to get unstuck and make positive changes in your life, hypnosis may be the answer for you. Click here to read more about hypnosis for weight loss in Palo Alto.      

*The Mayo Clinic  

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