Articles in Family Conflict

Creating peace in your family

by Dr David Lefkowitz on

Peace at home means offering support and stability to each member of the family in order to stop a distressing situation & facilitate love, respect, and cooperation between family members. Professional help can be instrumental in creating this change... Read full article

Lessons from Hanukkah: How to survive the holidays

by Melech Mann on

Tensions around the holidays can make this period the opposite of joyful. Take these stress-reducing tips from Hanukkah to make your holiday season a success.... Read full article

5 tips to navigating political discussions during the holidays

by Dr. Gerald Brown on

Many people feel that it's best to avoid politics during family gatherings. Here are six tips to navigating political discussions during the holidays. ... Read full article

Is your teenager out of control?


As a loving parent, you may worry about your child if he seems to be heading in the opposite direction of parents and school. If your teenager is out of control, counseling can help.... Read full article

Are you fighting all the time?


Have you hit a wall in your relationship? Fighting all the time is a substitute for couples who have lost the ability to communicate in a healthy way. You can learn how to reestablish the lines of communication and be happy in your relationship again... Read full article

Is your child acting out?


If your child demonstrates inappropriate or troubling behavior, therapy can help you determine and treat the root cause of your child acting out.... Read full article