Articles in Depression

The Inner Working Model: A Story of Two Babies


This article explores how a child's inner working model (view of self and world) is impacted by the quality of care during infancy and childhood. ... Read full article

The Healing Power of Connection


This article explores the healing power of connection and therapy. Learning emotion and stress regulation can only be done through connection with another person, sometimes a therapist. ... Read full article

Paternal postpartum depression; Jason's story


Paternal postpartum depression (PPD) is more common than most people realize. In today's society, PPD is a serious concern given that men are playing a larger role in child care. Maternal depression greatly increases the likelihood of PPD. ... Read full article

Postpartum Depression


Postpartum depression (PPD) affects approximately 10 to 15% of women. The article looks at the signs and symptoms of PDD, and who is at a higher risk. What to do if you have PPD and potential effects on the infant are discussed.... Read full article

What is Mindfulness?

by Dr. David Younger on

Mindfulness is to be present. Your attention is a precious resource, needed for learning, for your best performance at work, and for engaging in relationships. ... Read full article

Understanding the Body-Mind Connection and Mental Health


A growing body of evidence indicates diet and exercise are linked to common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. There are ways to increase serotonin levels in the brain naturally through specific foods and routine physical activity.... Read full article

Can Faith-Based Therapy be the Answer?


The following article discusses the divide between faith and mental health, and how faith-based therapy can bridge the gap.... Read full article