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Coping with Mother's Day and Infertility


A special day set aside for celebrating motherhood can be challenging for those struggling with infertility. It can be particularly difficult to be faced with reminders of a deep and personal issue that can be hard on any given day. ... Read full article

The importance of nurturing friendships for single women

by Dr. Alison Ross on

For single women, friendship is a focal point and main source of support, connection, and joy.... Read full article

We're just dating, is it too soon for couples therapy?

by Jennifer Lauren Arceneaux on

When we think of couples counseling we don’t usually think of young, unmarried couples who are dating. But with increased awareness and rejection of the stigma around mental health, couples therapy for those who are dating is on the rise ... Read full article

5 tips to navigating political discussions during the holidays

by Dr. Gerald Brown on

Many people feel that it's best to avoid politics during family gatherings. Here are six tips to navigating political discussions during the holidays. ... Read full article