Articles in Children and Teens

Nurturing Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy in Children


Healthy self-esteem is a real strength for your child. Self-esteem helps a child deal with the many challenges in the world. Self-efficacy, the belief in one's abilities is equally important. ... Read full article

Creating peace in your family

by Dr David Lefkowitz on

Peace at home means offering support and stability to each member of the family in order to stop a distressing situation & facilitate love, respect, and cooperation between family members. Professional help can be instrumental in creating this change... Read full article

Anxious parents and young children

by Caryn Hess, LPC on

If we have a predisposition to anxiety, we need to be aware of how our nervous state affects our children. Therapy for anxiety can help you and your child.... Read full article

Why having fewer toys is better for your children


An abundance of toys may decrease the quality of young children’s play and development.... Read full article

The Inner Working Model: A Story of Two Babies


This article explores how a child's inner working model (view of self and world) is impacted by the quality of care during infancy and childhood. ... Read full article

Failure to launch in young adults


After failing to succeed in college or university, some young adults end up back in their parents’ home. They become listless with no clear direction in life.... Read full article

How to introduce your new partner to your child


Introducing your partner to your children is not a decision to take lightly. However, if you feel the time is right, it can be a meaningful opportunity to share the most important person in your life with someone who you care deeply about.... Read full article

Autism and Gluten: What does the science say?


Some parents have claimed improvements in autistic children's behavior after removing gluten from their diet. Researchers have found a link between gastrointestinal problems and autism. This article explores the science behind gluten and autism... Read full article

Attractive students get higher grades


Appearances matter, even when it comes to academic performance! According to a study conducted by the Metropolitan State University of Denver, students considered more attractive got higher grades.... Read full article

5 Tips for co-parenting after your divorce


Co-parenting may not be easy, but it helps ensure the psychological and emotional well-being of your children. In this article, we provide co-parenting strategies to help your children thrive.... Read full article