Articles in Attention Deficit and Learning Challenges

Nurturing Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy in Children


Healthy self-esteem is a real strength for your child. Self-esteem helps a child deal with the many challenges in the world. Self-efficacy, the belief in one's abilities is equally important. ... Read full article

Understanding extended time on standardized tests

by Dr. Daniel Winarick, PhD on

Some of us have issues that require more time on standardized tests in order to truly measure our abilities. Understanding who is eligible and how to apply is important for college-age students and their parents.... Read full article

Attractive students get higher grades


Appearances matter, even when it comes to academic performance! According to a study conducted by the Metropolitan State University of Denver, students considered more attractive got higher grades.... Read full article

Neurofeedback: Fact or fiction?

by Jennifer Willemsen, MA, LMFT on

Treating mental illness is more complicated than treating the physical body, and one reason for this is the guesswork involved in finding an effective treatment. Neurofeedback offers a promising alternative.... Read full article