Alcohol and Substance Abuse in New York City Lawyers

New York City is regarded by many as the capital of the legal profession and the best place to launch a legal career. While opportunities abound, the reality of practicing law, especially in the early years, is more stressful and demanding than many might expect, not the least of which is extremely long working hours and sometimes working through nights with little or no sleep. In view of this, it is no surprise that heavy drinking is prevalent among lawyers, especially workaholic lawyers practicing in New York City. Whereas alcohol provides instant stress relief, stimulants like cocaine, Adderall, and Vyvanse provide the energy and motivation to work non-stop.

Barriers that prevent lawyers in New York from getting the professional help they need

Many lawyers, like all other high-functioning professionals, avoid seeking professional help for an alcohol or drug problem for many different reasons. Like other professionals and high-functioning executives, they fear the stigma associated with addiction and the negative impact on their career if others find out about it. Often they do not want to attend public AA meetings or seek help from an addiction treatment program. They want private, confidential treatment that fits their personal needs and circumstances and understands the special needs of executives and professionals.

Treatment for Executives and Professionals in New York City and Princeton New Jersey

Dr. Washton is a widely recognized addiction psychologist with offices in New York and Princeton. He provides discreet treatment and will design a personalized treatment plan to meet your individual needs. Schedule your private consultation with Dr. Washton today by calling his NY or NJ office or filling out the contact form on his website.

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