Articles in Addiction

Codependency and Enabling Behavior


In terms of addiction, codependency occurs when one person, such as the addict's spouse or other family member, has learned or believes that the love they receive from the addict is contingent on allowing the addict to behave in a certain way. ... Read full article

What underlies your addiction? Consider trauma/PTSD

by J.D. Murphy, LMFT on

PTSD and trauma are well-known risk factors for both alcohol and drug use. Many people with PTSD use substances to self-medicate their symptoms.... Read full article

From Career to Stay at Home Mom, Risk for Alcohol Abuse?

by Dr. Kieran Ayre on

The excitement and joy of having kids are no doubt one of the most satisfying things we get to experience. However, motherhood also brings many, unexpected challenges. And the shock of going from living the life of a successful career woman to the st... Read full article

Addiction Recovery Support for Women

by Rebecca Klasfeld, LCSW on

Professional women are at heightened risk for substance abuse or addiction due to biological factors, and find recovery requires women to challenge stigmas and find access to confidential therapeutic treatment.... Read full article

Aftecare and Sober Living After Detox

by Dr. Kieran R. Ayre on

Recovery doesn’t end after detox. There are two phases of withdrawal. The first is physical, the second is the bio-psycho-socio aspects of addiction. Aftercare and sober living are a necessary part of ongoing recovery.... Read full article

Demi Lovato's Relapse: Is Addiction A Lifelong Disorder?


Demi Lovato has been honest and open about her struggle with addiction. The article looks at relapse rates of addiction, treatment options, and what makes long-term recovery likely.... Read full article

How Flexible Are You?

by Dr. Terry Crump on

Do you get stuck in the same patterns, or are you flexible enough to cope with the ebb and flow of your life? Increasing your psychological flexibility holds the key to feeling less vulnerable to our changing emotions and circumstances.... Read full article

Prescription drug abuse


Often, people incorrectly assume that prescription drug abuse is relatively harmless, since, unlike street drugs such as heroin and cocaine, prescription drugs are legal and highly regulated.... Read full article