Accepting anger as a powerful motivation for change

In my book Women Taking Charge: 5 Steps to Succeed in Life and Work, I aim to reach all women who want to reach their highest job potential, attain better health, gain internal strength, and develop deeper self-respect.

One of the topics I address is acknowledging and accepting feelings. In my practice, I have found this to be a crucial step in bringing about healthy and empowering change in all areas of life.

Acceptance is acknowledging your emotions.

In our society, we seem to have decided that negative emotions are bad and should not be felt – or at least, not expressed. For women especially, acknowledgment of emotions such as anger is difficult, even just to themselves.  We are taught to deny our anger rather than express it or even honestly look at the reasons why we are angry. Instead, we allow it to fester and often this leads to depression.

What happens when we accept the anger that we feel

Anger is an important emotion that can motivate us to demand change, both of ourselves and our environment. In order to utilize this important resource of energy,

You must be willing to view acceptance of your feelings as a strength rather than a weakness. 

Once you give yourself permission to feel all of your feelings (including your anger, joy, fears, and sadness), you're on your way to creating a satisfying and healthy way of life.

In my practice, I work with a diverse range of women.  Over the course of our work together they recognize that underneath their depression and anxiety is stifled and unresolved anger. But once recognized this anger is a gift that motivates and mobilizes change and steps toward empowerment.

About the author: Paula Leslie, LCSW, BCD, has been working for 30+ years as a Psychotherapist, Coach, and Hypnotherapist in Palo Alto, California. Paula offers individual therapy, group therapy, and hypnotherapy for depression, stress/anxiety, addictions, phobias, psychosomatic symptoms, and women’s issues.

To get help for anger management in your city, click here for a list of therapists that can help.

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