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Dr. Michael Ascher – Board Certified Psychiatrist in Philadelphia

Dr. Ascher will provide a careful diagnostic evaluation tailored to your individual needs and goals and make detailed treatment recommendations so that medications and psychotherapy are prescribed only if necessary.

Dr. Michael Allan

Dr. Allan is a licensed psychologist providing therapy in the Toronto area for people struggling with anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, and ADHD.

Dr. Mark Nadolski, PsyD, Avon Psychologist

Dr. Mark Nadolski is an empathetic therapist providing psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, panic attacks, OCD, and trauma in Avon, Connecticut. We accept private pay and Medicaid (Husky) clients.

Dr. Roey Pasternak

Dr. Roey Pasternak is a psychiatrist in Manhattan, New York, and Englewood, New Jersey, specializing in ADHD, OCD, and panic attacks. He treats children, adolescents, and adults.

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April 05, 2020
Self-care during the coronavirus outbreak

Self-care during the coronavirus outbreak may be as important to our emotional health as social distancing is to our physical health. If you feel especially challenged during this period, practice self-care and reach out for online help.

April 05, 2020
Six tips for supporting your children and teens during the coronavirus outbreak

Six practical tips for how parents can help children and teens cope. Think FLARTT: Fun, Limit, Accept, Routine, Talk, and Take back some control. Parenting is always difficult. During this period, parenting is just so much more difficult.

By Psychology Everywhere Staff
March 26, 2020
How to get started with online therapy during COVID-19

If you haven't tried online therapy before, here is what you need to know to get started accessing online therapy from home.

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