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Dr. Michael Ascher – Board Certified Psychiatrist in Philadelphia

Dr. Ascher will provide a careful diagnostic evaluation tailored to your individual needs and goals and make detailed treatment recommendations so that medications and psychotherapy are prescribed only if necessary.

Margot Esther Borden

If conventional therapy has left you unsatisfied, working with Margot, in person or online, you will experience a completely different approach. “Integral Psychology” treats you as a whole person with physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Center for Therapeutic Services & Psychodiagnostics – Dr. Amanda Karlen, Psy. D, LCPC

Are you ready to make a change for the better in your life? We are committed to helping you with the most comprehensive, holistic services in McHenry that are established in evidence-based treatment. You are unique and we provide unique treatment.

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April 14, 2020
Therapists relying heavily on Teletherapy to reach clients in isolation

The pandemic has already robbed many of us of our sense of safety and for some, all aspects of our wellness are threatened. Across the United States and Canada, Psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors are conducting sessions

April 14, 2020
Tips and resources for better mental health during the coronavirus pandemic

Practical tips that you can apply every day for better mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. Build a daily routine. Get enough sleep. Eat regular meals. Limit social media and news. Connect with friends and family. And more...

By Psychology Everywhere Staff
April 05, 2020
Self-care during the coronavirus outbreak

Self-care during the coronavirus outbreak may be as important to our emotional health as social distancing is to our physical health. If you feel especially challenged during this period, practice self-care and reach out for online help.

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